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sabato 7 dicembre 2013

Wellcome in my blog 〜(° ▽ °〜) *swisshh*

Premis:  my english have some flaw, i'm so sorry for this 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。

Ow... Ok, Can i start?  (・_・ヾ Well.

Hi everyone!
I'm Melissa but can you call me: Melassa, or MelassaBellaBulla, or BellaBulla or only Bulla, In short, call me as you like.
I've 20 years old and i'm italian artist. From october 2013, i start to study animation in Florence in Nemo Academy. In my academy i had  the luck to meet big artist like: Stephen Silver, Louis Gonzales, Anthony Jones and Bobby chiu, they came to make lessons art to we and I esteem them strongly.
translation: I feel proud for this
From about two years i interested at fabolous world of animation thanks to the exhibition's 25th anniversary of Pixar Studios in Milan in january 2012.When i went knew what i would have seen but i didn't know that there were so many works that I was excited own in the deep in my heart; I looked at them one by one amazed by their beauty. I came out happy and pleased with my purchase such as can you see in photo.
However i took my choice when i went to see "Wreck-it Ralph" with "Paperman" , thanks to this short I said: - I want become a animator! -.
Meanwhile I exercised in cartoon style that I'm still developing for it to become mine.
I discovered that I feel good when I draw this way, thanks at this i am improved and all make me compliments for my works, I could speak with italian people and people from other states full of passion that i love they; I want to meet other,
who knows, maybe one day it could be you. ( ˘ ³˘)❤
I don't wait other because these are moments to give me strength for my draws and passion for this job.

So, if you want follow me, you know that I will be here to share my works.

See you soon ! ヽ( ・▽・)人(・▽・ )ノ

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