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Commission List (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

 You should check my gallery to see what I can draw.
I do:  OCs, Fan-art, animals, people.
I don’t: Mecha, R-18 stuff.
For other requests we can talk in private.

Portrait:  26 usd / 20€
Waist-up:  31 usd / 23€
Full body: 35 usd / 26€
 Additional character: + 15 usd / 10€
Additional Background : + 15 usd / 10€

Ink/simple color:
 Portrait:  33  usd / 30€
Waist-up:  40 usd /35€
Full body: 47 usd / 40€
 addittional characater: + 20 usd / 15€
Additional Background : + 20 usd / 15€

“Chibi” or “cute style”:
Portrait:  15  usd /10€
Waist-up:  19 usd /14€
Full body: 23 usd / 17€
 additional characater: + 10 usd / 8€
Additional Background : + 9 usd / 7€

To order a commission you can send me an e-mail to or a note on my ACCOUNT DEVIANTART. On the e-mail it’s better.
The payment has to be made before starting the work, or after showing a low quality preview of the commission’s sketch. If the preview will be approved, every following change requested will cost an extra, spacing from 2 to 5 €, depending from the level of the modification.
The payment has to be made by Paypal, including the transfer costs. Italians are able to use Postepay charges.
The completed commission will be loaded on the DA gallery, eventually also on other sites as: personal facebook page, blogger an tumblr, every time quoting the entry’s links to DA.

PLEASE use this model for ask me a commission:
Request: I’d like you to make this/these character/s in this way…
Reference: image of the character or characters
background: yes/no, if yes, please explain.
additional info: ….
I want to be made within: dd/mm/yy


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